Not for Climbing use

climing hook as a keyring as a climbing hookSome of my friends started using climbing hooks as a key rings – back in the ’90s.

The same object is now a key ring only. The usage changes the function of the same object.

Moreover, the object prevents future mis-use: you can read NOT FOR CLIMBING USE on one side of the hook. I’m sure it’s fore safety reason (materials are different, I reckon). Is this a good example of a misleading cultural affordance? And what happens when the object is used for other purposes (e.g. fixing a net to a pole, to create an improvised goal)?

On a similar note: what does the CHINA mark mean, if visually connected to the alert written on the hook?


One response to “Not for Climbing use

  1. Its specifically towards the Chinese. They’re always trying to climb with those damn things.

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