Do as I say, not as I do – places where it’s (not) possible to write

In the last year I’ve worked in some projects where people could be involved in communities and participate actively. Give users a while wall where to write and they will follow some sort of 1% rule (A.K.A. Participation Inequality).

It becomes easier for users to participate when the white wall / page is not white anymore, for instance by having some good examples; as Nielsen could say*, people stop facing the horror of a blank page.To demonstrate the power of “examples”, that could even happen when participation is not allowed, as in the case of the picture. This is one of Rough Trade East gent’s toilets, in London.

A graffiti rose in the Roug Trade East - London

The designers / owners started with a graffiti-like wonderful rose; style and place suggest some sort of spontaneous street art. Tags came later, when people decided to add some true “user generated content” to the wall

*as some of you may know, I’m not the biggest JN fan. Sometimes, however, his views are pretty much spot on…


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