Internet of bridges?

Just discovered that the Tower Bridge has a twitter profile, here:

why? It tells to the world when it closes and opens, and what kind of boat is passing, in what direction. Very simple thing, and automatically updated from the bridge lift schedule (here), I guess. But it’s a way to make visible something that was invisible before. It could be information to share with other objects (Navigators? My Nike+ iPhone, when I’m running? traffic lights? Buses and transports?).

2 things are nice: 1 is that information is no more just in a web page, but it actually becomes data, ready to be reused and mashed elsewhere. 2 is that an object (bridge) becomes one of my connections. How many things are connected with me? how many other objects of affection could be part of my profile? maybe my mac at home? I could start an automator task to be updated on things…

And it’s funny that a bridge – which represents a connection in itself – becomes something to be connected with.

Also, is the bridge connected to somebody? maybe to the aficionados, people who uses it often…. It could recognize them as they pass, and say hello in a special way (a twitter message?) what kind of information does it receive and read?


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