and Internet of cats, flowers and trees

the explorer

Cat: the explorer

Weekend often means going out and visiting exhibitions, especially when London has such a wonderful weather (rain, clouds and all the best the English Summer has to offer, as you may have seen at Wimbledon and Silverstone).

I went to the RCA show just to discover that the Tower bridge is not the only “non-human” twittering in these days: Andy Broomfiled has created not 1, but 3 twitters for a flower, a tree and a cat (image above). Twitters are automatically updated thankx to a “blog bot” platform, by using data coming from sensors attached to animals / objects. I hope he won’t be upset if I use his words:

Blog Bot Platform is an open source system which I have developed for creating Different types of Blogging objects. Turning Simple experiences into online encounters. These bots ‘tweet’ to their experiences to micro blogging services. I am interested in how people react when they encounter these Blogjects invading their web 2.0 space.

what happens when the cat passes on the Tower Bridge, then?


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