Monthly Archives: January 2009

what is real?

It’s easy to alter images from a single camera. Somewhat less simple, but still quite possible, is the alteration of images from a few cameras, owned by different photographers or media outlets.

But when you have images from dozens or hundreds or thousands of digital cameras and cameraphones, in the hands of citizen witnesses? At that point, I start siding with the pictures being real.



aesthetics or experience?

I have a post-it on my desk. the post it says:

Robin Hunicke

Mechanics, rules

Dynamics, rules+users

Experience (Aesthetics),rules+users+context

it is a note to myself as I would have liked to use Robin’s classification (Mechanics, Dynamics, Aesthetics. more about it here: and show how it can be used to describe the third step as Experience.

the beauty with the notes to self is that you change your mind over time and now that I’m thinking about it, I see Experience more as a 4th level, where it includes memory and goals, together with rules, users and context.

does it make any sense?