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Passion. Time. Quality.

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Personalisation and customisation is typical, when we speak about cars and bikes. It’s a demonstration that a person values the time spent for doing it less than the desire to communicate something about his/herself, and the way to approach the … Continue reading

Children need support, especially in poor countries;

Governments create an organisations to support children;

Organisation need money to operate;

Organisation does a lot offunding and advertising;

European football team wants to show they are not only good at playing football;

European football team accepts the logo of the organisation that supports children on their t-shirts, for free;

Also, European football teams makes money by selling t-shirts;

Original t-shirts are too expensive. People in poor countries produce and consume fake t-shirts;

Children in poor countries love European football;

Children in poor countries wear fake t-shirt of European football club who is sponsored by the organisation that wants to support children.

Short circuit?