More about me

Hello, my name is Franco, nice to meet you…

I’ve studied Communication Science @ Siena University, with a focus on Human-Computer Interaction, New Media Design and Cognitive Psychology. I am always fascinated by how user participation and involvement could impress disruptive spins to the design of services and products, and I try to clearly express how people’s experiences can be enhanced and innovated through a profound understanding of needs, desires and users practices.

I’ve been working since 2003 in design and organizational change projects in different consultancy firms (Butera&Partner, IconMedialab, Assist, LBi); I’ve also used a relevant part of my time in academic activities such as research and teaching (at University of Siena and Milan Politecnico). At the moment, business cards say that I am an User Experience Architect.

Everything I do (both during my routine 9 hours at work and outside) has the intention of learning as much as possible, and sharing my knowledge: curiosity and unselfishness are part of my mantra, and this is one of the reasons why I’ve finally decided to open a space where things go in the wild area of debatable

The rest is what you read in this brown paper roll: innovation rants, experience design, human factors and a lot of convoluted notes.

Now, you can: visit my LinkedIn Profile, go back to the “About Me“, or read the blog.


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