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mini versions

a mini version of what this blog is (was?) supposed to be, is now here:

More a visual appeal than a textual elaboration, but still has something to add than a simple mirror of others’ images and video

So it will be a reflection point: both mirror and reasoning



…from my longest holiday ever (well, at least for the past 10 years)…

problem #1

Ok, I’m not an eagle, a fox or what other animal you use to mean “smart / clever”. But at the moment I can’t change the title of this brown paper roll. I found the way to edit the title, and I don’t get why the function is hidden. Ok, I wanted to have the possibility to edit the page title in the page (as done by Flickr comments, for example) and that is too much probably, but a contextual EDIT could have been a good compromise.

I know nobody is going to read it, and it’s OK. This post will be used against me in the near future, I think, and it’s OK.

welcome to the church of noise

this is my scrap book. my brown paper roll. I’ll use it as part of my daily life, when I need to get up to speed on unknown topics. I’ll also use it as a way to collect my raw thinking, before it becomes old and stinky.

And…. if I find something in the real world that capture my interest, here is the place where you’ll find it.

Boring, eh…